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About the OAC

The Otherworldly Arts Collective is a fine arts group of organizers that present thematic multimedia group art exhibitions in collaborations with independent artists, designers, non-profits, and local businesses.

Our mission is to find and create spaces where artists want to showcase their world to. Where patrons from non art backgrounds feel comfortable visiting. To continue creating each exhibition space as a different world to explore. With every exhibition we gain knowledge on how to make the next exhibition more streamlined and more user friendly for our artists. 


Co-founder Danielle felt there was a gap in the existing art space in Minneapolis. Art that was too fantastical or whimsical for traditional galleries. Wanting to create a space for this art to thrive, she created the Unicorn Art Show and soon had hundreds of artists across the Twin Cities wanting to participate. 


Before the second Unicorn Art Show, Danielle approached Twin Cities based artist Jon, aka Pseudo Ersatz, about hosting the show in a print studio collaborative that he was co-director of. The Unicorn Art Show 2 was such a success, the owners of well-known horror show, Gods & Monsters, asked them to take over the running of that show. 


After the Otherworldly Arts Collective's first iteration of Gods & Monsters, Danielle's husband, Juan, also joined in to lend technical and organizational skills.


As the shows grew in popularity and financial success, the group decided they needed help to manage the growing business needs and recruited fellow artist and accountant, Jackie.

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