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An event focused on creating a safe environment for erotic artistic experimentation, performative sexual expression, honest but responsible conversations, and overall body positivity. All attendees will be observers, only. Engagement with the entertainment is only allowed where specific consent is expressed. All the subject matter presented will require tolerance and respect of the unfamiliar for artists and attendees alike to learn and grow beyond our society's mundane objectivism. SafeWord observers will be treated to two series of performances each night, along with a gallery of sensual and suggestive artworks from local artists, music, adult beverages, and light refreshments. Admittance is limited with only 300 tickets available; the sooner a ticket is purchased, the more affordable it will be. While this is a private event, privacy is not guaranteed as we are not willing to hide the existence of this event.
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The Unicorn Art Show
Come one, come all. Once upon a time, the fairest lords and ladies of the Twin Cities gathered for one magical eve to celebrate the majestic beauty of the unicorn. The Unicorn Art Show has grown to include more than the Great Horned One.
Gods & Monsters
As the season turns from the glow of summer to the chill of fall, join us as we celebrate works of dark creativity. A visual collection which reflects the nightmares that haunt us from the shadows of our hopes and dreams. Horrors from the silver screen, monsters from ancient mythology, dark gods, and terrors of every shape and kind. Steel your soul, take a peek past the veil, and see what frightening visions stalk you from beyond. Witches, warlocks, midnight fairies, vampires, and all other creatures of the night welcome.

February 9th & 10th

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Super Button Mashers

Button Mashers: the video game art show is back! The show celebrating all games electronic, from PC to arcade, adventure to shooter to RPG, is returning for Round 2 later this year. Button Mashers represents an inherent love and fervor for video games, displayed across many different styles and mediums, and we are expecting no less this time around. We can't wait to see what is in store, coming later this year!
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Drop In: Skate Deck Show

It's BACK!!
Hosted by Modist Brewing, Curated by Rogue Citizen, and with a little help from the Otherworldly Arts Collective, Drop In is returning for the first time since 2019!  Super excited to be helping out with this show. 

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