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OAC accepts all ranges and media types of artists 18yrs and older.

We wish to be an information and opportunity resource for all members connected to the local arts scene. The more artists OAC has in its ranks, the better we can provide.

Joining OAC's list of artists does not automatically guarantee a place in OAC art events. Our events require a submission process and are juried by a panel of 4 artists with various backgrounds. There are no fees for submitting to OAC events, but an application fee is required once accepted. Each event we host has themes that artist submissions need to follow. Please read our artist guidelines for more information.
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Many OAC events require food, and or beverage services. OAC especially wants to make every attempt to boost small/local businesses. If you are interested in adding your small business in with an OAC event, please let us know. Not all events have the same needs or requirements. 
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Thank you for your consideration with regards to sponsoring the Otherworldly Arts Collective. Our main focus for gaining sponsorship is to further our advertising outreach. We would like to partner with local businesses to assist in gaining more patrons at our shows and in turn, create more patrons for those local business.

Our most valuable gifts and resources are those that help our art community flourish. It is important to us to make sure that the art and the artists are our number one focus.
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Volunteers are our most important asset here at the OAC!
We always need help setting up, hanging, and tearing down after a show and we are unable to do this without your help. If you wish to be added to our list of volunteers please hit the button below and send us an email with your intentions. We will never turn away help!

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